Plainfield Local Delivery of Fidgets, Signs, and More!

We recently added free local delivery for folks who live in Plainfield, IL.

If you are not sure if you qualify for local delivery, you can always check! 

Get your fidgets, signs, custom 3D prints, or handcrafted goods.

When you place an order with local delivery, you will get an email notification when your order is ready. If you have a preferred date, time, drop off location, or anything else regarding your local delivery order, please let us know. 

This is a great way to support a transgender neurodivergent disabled multiracial and queer small business owner

If you have any issues with local delivery, please contact us


Shopify's criteria for local delivery:

Customers have local delivery as an option only if they meet the following requirements:

  • All physical products in the cart are eligible for delivery from one location.
  • The delivery location has the inventory available to fulfill the entire order.
  • The customer doesn't choose an accelerated checkout method other than Shop Pay in the first step of the checkout. If the customer pays using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, or PayPal, then the local delivery option isn't available.
  • The customer's delivery address can be verified by Google. At checkout, customers can use the dropdown menu of suggested addresses to select a verified address.
  • The customer's address must be within the designated delivery radius and the same province or state

Don't meet the above requirements but still want local delivery? Have other questions? Contact us

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