About Us

Chaotic Notions is owned and operated by a disabled queer human.

Hi, I'm Jess!

Default to they/them

Owner and Operator

I love to knit, draw, 3D print, and more!

I sell crafts that I personally make. I also sell crafts that other folks make so that they can focus on doing what they love.

I am multiracial, neurodivergent, queer, disabled, genderfluid, and the owner of Chaotic Notions!

I have two small dogs and I am married to my "spoose" Andy ❤️

Hi, I'm Andy



I am Jess' "spoose" and I provide them with love and coffee!

I'm nonbinary and neurodivergient.

I am a programmer but I also enjoy learning more about 3D printing, building LEGO, watching animation, and being a silly human.

Our Makers

These are folks who have asked us to sell their crafts for them. This allows them to focus on doing what they love - their craft! It can also reduce barriers and empower them to succeed.




AuDHD vagabond yogi, home herbalist, and budding jeweller living now on ancestral land of the Coast Salish people.