Disabled Owned Small Businesses

Here are some disabled owned small businesses you can support this year to celebrate disability pride month 2023 and year-long! 

The small businesses that are owned by people of color are highlighted with a featured product or service (with the exception of previously highlighted businesses). All other marginalized groups are mentioned due to an abundance of intersectional groups in our blog!

Sad Clown Club

A photo of "Sad Clown Club !" in a custom text slider with emojis. The background is pink with chaotic strings, medication, tickets, and a spinning top toy.

 Sad Clown Club is black, trans, and disabled owned! The shop features mobility aid fashion.


Featured Product

A photo of a black cane with sparkles on it and a pink, light blue, and white colored acrylic wrist strap.

Acrylic Chain Wrist Straps


 Product Link


Iris Craft House 

"Iris Craft House" is in a curvy text on a yellow circle with flowers that are orange, green, purple, blue, pink, and yellow colored petals and centers.

Iris Craft House is owned by a Muslim and Latinx disabled human. The shop features crochet, jewelry, clothing, and plushies. 


Featured Product

The image has a variety of sprinkle donut plushies.  There is white text on an orange background that reads "Mystery Sprinkle Donut"  

Mystery Sprinkle Donut


 Product Link


Yasmeen Aries

Yasmeen is drawn as a cartoon in a hijab and power wheelchair

Yasmeen is a self-taught artist who is Lebanese and uses a power wheelchair as shown in her illustration. 


Featured Product

A beautiful illustration of pink roses in a red vase on a red table with a checkered cloth on it under the vase. The wall is a light pink color. 

Radiant Bloom 4 Print

$6.80 - $17 on sale depending on size

Product Link


Brain Fog designs

Digital illustration of the bottom half of a person sitting in a manual wheelchair seen from the top view. They have a bright yellow shirt, green shorts, and black and white checkered shoes. The words “slow” and “poke” are tattooed above each knee. Their skin is white with little black hairs. There are yellow flames around the person. The background is bright orange.

Brain Fog Designs is owned by Ray (they/he) who is queer and disabled. Ray has auDHD, chronic migraine, and EDS/POTS/MCAS. Check out their custom art and items with his art on it!


Scully's Stuff

A digital drawing of a purple dinosaur with rainbow spines, a flower crown, and a lilac background. "Scully's Stuff" is in black text.

Scullys Stuff is a California based shop run by Amy and Sarah (both they/them) are two spoonies who love to focus their own shop and socials on their lives as chronically ill nonbinary people. They specialize in handmade earrings (mostly made from upcycled materials), handmade scrunchies, and hand and machine embroidered patches. 

Amy was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and EDS. They also have ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, and Chronic Migraines, as well as some undiagnosed symptoms. Sarah is diagnosed with many things, among them POTS and MCAS.

You can follow their shop on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter @scullys_stuff and on Etsy

Vann Damm

The background is black. There is a light blue cloud with a small green dinosaur waving. Purple text reads "Vann Damm's" on the cloud. There is an upside down rainbow that is light blue, yellow, and pink. Periwinkle text on it reads "Stimulating Designs" in cursive.

Vann Damm is owned by a 25 year old auDHD artist with endometriosis, conective tissue disorder, joint disorder, and immunocomprimisation. Vann Damm specializes in stimming jewelry.

link in bio

Scarlett Stitch Studios

A red flag on a black crochet hook pole. In red text arching above, "Scarlet Stitch Studios" and there is a white background.

Disability has shaped Scarlett's relationship to their art. It wasn't until after their hysterectomy this year that they were properly diagnosed with endometriosis and PMDD and it was especially difficult as a trans person. Scarlett has also navigated mental health struggles including bipolar, depression, and anxiety, and developed chronic back and hand pain that heavily impacted them mentally and physically.

Going through what they did to learn their limits and push them to be an artist despite it gave them the patience to relearn their new boundaries.

Flow Code (link collection)


A logo that has a white circle with a pink circle inside of it. The white circle says “Kirby.cst” in black font with yellow stars on either side below it, and then says Art, stickers and jewelry on the bottom. In the pink circle has a cloud with a heart that has a star growing from it, and the text Rhiannon salt on the bottom. Below the sticker says “trans + disabled owned"

Kirby.cst is owned by a trans queer and disabled artist, whose disabilities include autism and ADHD and OCD, Sjorgens Syndrome and POTS syndrome. A lot of their work is trying to center joy and empower for trans and disabled folks too!


Oliver Tree Design

 "oliver tree design" logo in black text with green leaves in the "o" and "design" in green

Queer, trans, neurodivergent, graphic designer, web designer, and photographer based in Chicago, IL.


Included Previously In the Trans & Enby Owned Business Blog:

Future Days Arts 

Logo for Future Days Arts. A chameleon skeleton is drawn in black ink. The words "Future Day Arts" is written in white on the stick the chameleon is perched on. A few leaves surround the chameleon and it has a white background.
Future Days Arts and is owned by trans couple, Indigenous Cherokee & autistic Latinx. All proceeds from sales go to support domestic violence victims

Snow Foxes Shop

A drawing of a spotted fox in black lines on a white background
Snow Foxes Shop is disabled, queer, and neurodivergent owned. Riley is nonbinary, and Kelli is a demiboy.
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