Hispanic and Latine/x Owned Businesses

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! Here are some Hispanic and Latine/x owned businesses that you can support this month and year-long! 


So Sweet Bakery

A simple black and white drawing of a cupcake is centered in a white circle. Surrounding the circle is a pink rectangle background.
ig: @sosweetbakery

So sweet you can feel it in your soul

Tatiana is the Afro Latina Baker and is both Colombian and Puerto Rican. So Sweet Bakery is a small independent home bakery in Brockton, MA.



 Porch Cat Art

A drawing of a cat skull with a black background and white linework.

ig: @porchcat.art

Patches, prints, paintings + more!

Porch Cat Art is owned by a nonbinary latine operating out of Washington. They also do music and photography! Music: @porchcat.music Photo: @chanb.photo



Brown Piña 

The drawing shows a pineapple held above a person's head with brown skin and long dark brown hair. The background is white and the text Brown Pina is separated by the pineapple.

ig: @brown_pina

One of a Kind Polymer Clay Designs with Aloha and My Culture as Inspiration.

Brown Piña is owned by Karina and based in Maui, HI. Jewelry is Inspired by the Beach and Her Culture. Hawaiian Shells are Collected by Her Hands. Joyería Hecha Con Manos Mexicanas.




A drawing of an orange sun with a face on it and geometric details. The background is white.

ig: quherencia

Hand Poured Candles

Quherencia is an immigrant, woman-owned business operated in Los Angeles. New candles every week are available online and at both plantiitas locations. 

Minichelle Designs

The background is a transparent rainbow. The cursive reads "Minichelle Designs"

ig: @minichelle.designs

Michelle is a Queer Mexican American Artist. She currently has sales for Hispanic Heritage Month!



Smart Cookies Bay Area

"Smart cookies" is in a teal cursive text and a greyscale rolling pin is in the center. In a smaller black handwriting font is "Bay Area." A hand-drawn circle is teal and black. The background is white.

ig: @smartcookies.bayarea

Stephanie is a Latina cookie eater, maker, and dealer. The Mexican home baker has been baking as long as she can remember and is based out of Hayward, CA.



Studio Undine

A drawing of a face in pale blue water with long hair floating in it. A yellow crescent crowns the head with black handwritten "studio UNDINE." The background is white with small yellow stars and is outlined with a circle.

ig: @studioundine

Studio Undine creates hand drawn stickers, cards and tufted art. Sophia is mixed Latina and is located in Wiyot land also known as Humboldt, northern CA.


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