Transgender and Nonbinary Small Businesses to Support Part 2

Here are some more transgender and nonbinary owned small businesses you can support this year to celebrate pride month 2023 and year-long! 

The small businesses that are owned by people of color or disabled folks are highlighted with a featured product or service. All other marginalized groups are mentioned due to an abundance of intersectional groups in our blog!

Dr. Artfully

This image has a light blue background with a drawing of a black womxn with long black dreads with a bit of red at the tips, brown eyes, and brown skin. They are wearing a black corset, a light purple top, and a green skirt with yellow and green leaves on it. In rainbow yarn, "Dr Artfully" is spelled out in cursive and connects to a ball of yarn in her hand. They are also holding a black crochet hook. 

Dr. Artfully is owned by a non binary, pansexual, polyamorous, neurodivergent, Black human. Dominique (she/they) crochets, paints, and sews a variety of pieces. They have hats, gloves, toys, and paintings. She also makes items for babies as well as scarves!

link tree 

Featured Product

A rainbow colored long elf-style hat is worn by a black model. They are standing near a brick wall on grass. She is wearing a grey hoodie and a pink Mickie Mouse shirt  

Fae hood rainbow


 Product Link


Future Days Arts & Moonfall Oddities

Logo for Future Days Arts. A chameleon skeleton is drawn in black ink. The words "Future Day Arts" is written in white on the stick the chameleon is perched on. A few leaves surround the chameleon and it has a white background.
Future Days Arts and  Moonfall Oddities are owned by trans couple, Indigenous Cherokee & autistic Latinx. All proceeds from sales go to support domestic violence victims


Featured Product

A butterfly hairpin that is painted light blue, light pink, and white like the trans flag. The hairpin is photographed in blonde hair with dark blue ends.


Transgender LGBT Butterfly Hair Clip Claw


Etsy Product Link 

Autistic and Living the Dream

The words "AUTISTIC AND LIVING THE DREAM" are written in black text. Under the text is a diagonal rainbow infinity symbol used to represent neurodiversity. The background is white
Autistic and Living the Dream is owned by a trans masc, non-binary bisexual, Autistic, ADHD and chronically ill human. They write regular blog posts on all things Autistic experience including parenthood, mental health, LGBTQIA+, co-occuring neurotypes and conditions, language, trauma, OCD...
They also consult and run training on these areas too!

Check out their training and consults! 


Baubles & Blessings

The logo is of a lit candle with B&B on it. A circle is around with dots in the bottom half of the circle and a star in a smaller circle at the base. it is black and white with the exception of the flame and & in an orange color.

Baubles & Blessings is run by Bri the Bearded Spoonie Babe, a queer disabled nonbinary human. 

Featured Products

Six products from Baubles & Blessings. The first is a sliding scale reiki session starting at $5 with a rainbow background. The second is a rainbow pair of earrings with silver heart charms for $30. The third is rainbow earrings with a stamped charm, the image features the pronouns "they/them" and stars stamped and it is $30. The fourth is a rainbow image with the text "Fund a random act of kindness" listed at $5. The fifth is a rainbow and onyx beaded bracelet for $25. The sixth is a rainbow necklace with the stamped charm of "neuro spicy" for $40.

Product Collection

I truly could not decide what product to feature from Baubles & Blessings. Here is a collection of a few that are cool! 

Website Link


Gender Bender

The letters GB are inside of the transgender nonbinary symbol (a circle with a plus, arrow, and star coming out if it) 
Gender Bender is owned by Xandre (they/them) who is transmasc and neurodivergent and produces gender affirming clothing. This includes chest compression, tucking, swim, pride, lingerie, packing, and 18+ toys. 

Their Art

A drawing of a frog that is striped in the nonbinary colors - yellow, white, purple, and black. It is watermarked with "Their Art." There is a brown snail on the frog's head, a white outline, and a grey background.
 Their Art is by a non-binary trans masc artist.
Page on fb  Their Art 
TikTok @_their_art_
Instagram @_their_art_

Chicago, IL area

Soph Tattoo Artist

Instagram: sosdoestats

Soph (they/them) is a tattoo artist who has tatt'ed my partner several times! Their work is beautiful and over the past couple years has held up well. To see their work, check out their instagram!

Liquid Kourage Entertainment

Liquid Kourage logo with two microphones on a black circle with a light blue beverage in a triangular glass. The words "intoxicating, innovative, interactive" are along the edges of the circle. 
 12-time "Best Of The 'Burbs" award winners.
Over 13 years of experience, thousands of shows hosted
Instagram  Liquid_Kourage

Wild Shape Productions

This image has a purple to black gradient background with a black guitar shadow. and text in white. The left upper corner reads "Wild Shape Productions" and on the guitar it reads "Sydney Ferris Yadda Yadda Blah Blah Blah"
Wild Shape Productions is a independent, artist-owned production company/record label uplifting all artists.


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