Transgender and Nonbinary Small Businesses to Support Part 1

Here are some transgender and nonbinary owned small businesses you can support this year to celebrate pride month 2023 and year-long!

The small businesses that are owned by people of color or disabled folks are highlighted with a featured product or service. All other marginalized groups are mentioned due to an abundance of intersectional groups in our blog!

Diaun Does

An image of a black fedora with purple sections of beadwork on the rim of the hat. A very light purple text reads "Diaun Does" overlaying the hat. The image is cropped in a circle with a black background. The bottom left corner has the following contact information "Instagram: @DiaunDoes"

Diaun-does beadwork and divination! Diaun (she/they) is genderfluid afro-indigenous owner and operator. Diaun is Mvskoke Creek, ᏣᏔᎩ,and Black. They do beautiful beadwork and Divination, Mysticism and Astrology. 



Featured Collection

Multiple sets of Pride-themed earrings arranged in a V shape on a black table. Flag colors show the trans flag, nonbinary, pansexual, asexual, and lesbian. The beadwork on the earrings is a hexagonal shape with the striped colors in a V shape.

$35 - $45 for one pair

(depending on metal selection)

Pride Earring Collection

Etsy Product Link


Snow Foxes Shop

A drawing of a spotted fox in black lines on a white background
Snow Foxes Shop is disabled, queer, and neurodivergent owned. Riley is nonbinary, and Kelli is a demiboy.

Featured Product

A grey shirt with text that reads "IF YOUR FAMILY DOESN'T ACCEPT YOU, I'M YOUR PARENT NOW" In between the lines of text is an image of a rainbow bear hugging the outline of a grey cub.

I'm Your Parent Now LGBTQ Acceptance Shirt

Etsy Product Link


Harmonic Divergence

A photograph of Camil Aponte, Phd (they/them/ella/elle). A coral-pink bubble has text that reads "Camil Aponte, Phd (they/ella/elle) Neuroinclusive Coach" A green box has the text "@harmonicdivergence" A white border surrounds the photograph with a few curvy lines that are green, magenta, pink, and yellow.

Camil Aponte, Phd (they/them) is the founder of Harmonic Divergence. Camil is multiply neurodivergent (ADHDer and autistic), from Puerto Rico, and fully bilingual (English/Spanish).

Harmonic Divergence is a great resource for Neuroinclusive coaching by a neurodivergent, latinx, nonbinary coach.  

Bio Site


Featured Service

An image of a sweater-covered arm with a light skinned hand writing on paper. A coffee mug rests on the light wood desk in the background.

Free Discovery Session

Are you curious of how coaching (regardless or neurotype) can help you achieve your goals and uncover your potential?

Free Discovery Session Booking Link


SunCat Designs

A logo with orange circle background, yellow sun, and a black paw print in the center.
SunCat Designs is owned by a trans (FtM) pansexual, polyamorous, Black, and Indigenous (Choctaw) artist/creator.

Featured Product

A rainbow colored necklace where the chain is made of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple parts. The background is a white quilt   


Pride Necklace

Product Link


Con-Quest Crafts

The cursive text reads "Con-Quest Crafts" under a rainbow-gradient die with twenty sides. The background is a light brown splotched with white. In smaller text at the bottom, it reads " | @conquestcrafts"


A nerdy craft shop that is trans and autistic owned! 


Pride Collection



Retrophiliac's logo has a white circle, the text "Retrophiliac by margaux wosk" written on top, and a black circular outline and a purple to blue gradient background

Retrophiliac is owned by a nonbinary demisexual pansexual autistic Jewish human. Their shop specializes in neurodiversity, autistic and lgbtqia2 plus items that contribute to positive self expression and communication.

Etsy     Website     Instagram


Rabbit Soup

A pink background with a green cowboy cactus wearing a white cowboy hat, a dark pink bandana around the neck, and is holding a whip. The linework is drawn in purple

Rabbit Soup is owned by Kate Fox who is neurodivergent and genderqueer. 



 Homebody MN

The background is transparent (so it appears white on this page). The text "Homebody MN Handmade Candles" is in black below a drawing of a lit candle with a blank label.
Homebody MN is queer and trans owned.

Homebody MN is a proudly trans owned company handmaking candles and handpicking books while striving to make a positive impact on the world.



A drawing of a frog mascot named Hudson (as indicated in pink text at the bottom of the image). Hudson has a watermelon theme frog with a pink stomach with black seeds and is light green. Hudson has a light pink blush shaped like hearts and a daisy on his head. The background is sky blue

Bee (they/them) is nonbinary and makes little frog plushies and keychains through their Instagram @teenyfroggs. 

Orders are completed through Instagram


The artist who created Hudson is @Sweetcheesestudio on Instagram


Leilas Jewels

A logo with "L.J" written in the center in cursive, light green leaves in a circle with the text "LEILAS' JEWELS." The background is white shifting to a pink gradient at the bottom and there are light green dots throughout.

Leilani (she/they) is genderfluid, bisexual and also struggles with mental illness.  Leila wanted to create a jewelry business to express herself where everyone could enjoy it. Everything they make has no gender or label, it's all for everyone. Despite judgment she faces, they persist in making her business a safe space for anyone. 


The Nifty Giftys Shop

A pink circular logo has text that reads "Nifty Giftys Shop" A dark pink daisy-like flower is split in half above and below the text. A white border surrounds the circle


The Nifty Giftys is a trans owned gift shop.



Tres Gay Crochet 

Tres Gay Crochet is in a cursive text around a rainbow yarn ball. There is a white background.

Tres Gay Crochet is a crochet pattern designer.




Theyfriend Candles

An insignia of T, F, and C (the letters combined overlayed) is drawn in black on a light tan piece of paper.
Theyfriend Candles is a queer, nonbinary, & transgender witchcrafted candle venture. All candles are handmade & enchanted by Rune Rainwater (they/them), a queer, nonbinary trans individual on testosterone HRT. They only use beeswax, homegrown dittany, and recycled materials like heavy paper & cardboard for packaging. No plastic, no synthetic dyes! Also, people can get tarot reading and a candle based on it! 

Website   Etsy    Instagram

Chaotic Notions 

The words “Chaotic Notions” is handwritten in black on a light blue panel/board, with the exception of the “o” which is a drawn yarn ball in a salmon pink. On the top of the panel is a thin line that looks like it is being printed by a 3D printer nozzle. Crossed behind the middle of the panel is a knitting needle in purple and a crochet needle in pink. Behind the right side of the panel is a yellow paintbrush. Threaded through the left side of the panel are some black stitches that are threaded into a grey sewing needle. Surrounding the panel are a variety of stars. there are three 6 pointed stars in purple, Three pink asterisks and three yellow four pointed stars.
And of course there's Chaotic Notions - the website you're already on (because it's owned by me, the author!)

Chaotic Notions is owned by a transgender neurodivergent disabled multiracial and queer human.

We value supporting other small businesses, giving back to marginalized communities, and being as sustainable as possible.

Featured Product

An image of a blue sensory comb, light blue small gyro fidget, purple medium chain fidget, and green spiral tower fidget. These are arranged on a light woodgrain table with a black backdrop.



Fidget Variety Pack

Product Link 

Bonus, we're having a Pride Month Sale on all Pride-themed items!


Need more?
Check out Everywhereisqueer!

This logo has a location pin at the center with yellow, orange, and a teal color. Surrounding that is a circle that has a white top half and a black bottom half. The top half has the text "EVERYWHERE" in black and the bottom half has the text "IS QUEER" in white. The background is the image of a road with black pavement with painted yellow stripes and a light blue sky with clouds and a yellow to green terrain


everywhereisqueer website 

This is a great resource to find local queer owned businesses!

In addition, if you are a queer owned business you can easily apply to be on the map 


Stay tuned to our blog of small businesses to support! 

Expect more queer/trans owned small business posts this month!!!!

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